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Boost Mobile Activation Instructions

You can save yourself the $10 activation fee and activate your Boost Mobile phone yourself.

Also - Most Boost phones will grandfather you in at your current rate plan if you activate the phone yourself through the Boost website, THEN call customer service.

We have several employees here who use Boost Mobile as their service provider and they took the steps below to activate their phone. Once you set up your phone online, customer service on the phone can push the phone through once they see the phone is added to your account.

Step 1 - Make sure to charge your phone's battery for a full 12 hours uninterrupted prior to using it. Power on your phone once battery is fully charged.

Step 2 - Locate Your ESN / MEID number located behind the battery of the phone.

Locate the ESN

Step 3 - Go to
Enter in the ESN / MEID number you located from Step 2. Follow through the steps on the Boost Mobile activation page above.

Step 4 - Call Boost Mobile Customer Care- 1-866-402-7366

Bring your phone number from your Sprint Nextel account:

It may be possible to transfer your phone number over from your Sprint Nextel account to Boost Mobile. To determine if this can be done you'll need to call Boost Customer Care at 1-866-402-7366.