10 Strange Places To Use Your Cell Phone

Almost everybody owns a cell phone, and some choose to use them in some strange places. Below is a list of 10 strange places to use a cell phone.Top 10 Strange Places To Use Your Cell Phone

Is there network here?

1. On a date. I’m a little old-fashioned and feel that when on a date, your attention should be on the person you are with, not chatting or texting on the phone.

2. When you are in the same room as the person you are talking to. Why do people text each other even though they are in the same room? People also tend to talk on the phone while they are heading to meet each other, and continue using the cell phone when they are standing right next to each other.

3. During a massage. A massage is supposed to help you relax and leave the stress of the world behind. But many spend their time laying on the massage table and talking on the cell phone.

Top Ten Strange Places To Use Your Cell Phone4. In a public bathroom. Unless it is a life-or-death situation, no phone call is that important. Also, there is absolutely no privacy in a public bathroom and anyone else in the bathroom will be able to hear your side of the conversation.

5. In church. Talking on a cell phone is disrespectful and should be put off until the church function has ended.

6. While giving birth. Obviously new parents want to tell the world about the birth of their baby. But, surely mothers have more important things to do while giving birth, like deep breathing,  than talking on the cell phone right?

7. In the shower. Unbelievably, many people manage to use their cell phone while taking a shower. Some cell phones claim to be waterproof. However, most are not and any phone call could wait until the shower is over.

8. In the movie theater. Why would anyone spend their time talking on a cell phone when they have paid to go see a movie? Again, the phone call can wait unless it is an emergency.

9. In the car.   Unless you are using a hands-free device, this is reckless, dangerous, and illegal in many areas. No phone call is worth risking yours, or someone else’s life.

10. While having sex. Hard to believe, but according to a Mobile Consumer Habits survey, 1 in 10 people have admitted to using their cell phone during sex.

Drop the phone

Next time you are on your phone, consider where you are and possibly the people with or around you.


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