eyecontrol earphones 535This is crazy. At this year’s MWC (Mobile World Congress), a company called NTT Docomo reveiled a headset that you can control with your eye movement. When you are listening to music on your new or refurbished cell phone, you can use this technology to control volume and to skip tracks.

Want to turn the volume up? Just roll your eyes all the way up. It’s just the opposite to turn it down. To skip tracks, look as far as you can to the left or to the right. Apparently, the left and right side of your eyes emit positive and negative electrons, and this headset can register them. Check out the video below for a demonstration.

At first, this seems to be a little overkill, but it really would be convenient to be able to control your music without having to use your hands.

skype_logoWell, kind of. It is true that Skype Mobile is now available for new and refurbished cell phones but until March, you need to have an iPhone or a Nokia Symbian phone. For the iPhone you just download the app, but I’m not sure how it works for Symbians. Maybe someone can comment with more info. If you have the iPhone app, you can now make free Skype to Skype calls from any WIFI zone.

What’s most exciting for Blackberry enthusiasts is that in March, Skype mobile will be integrated with Blackberry via Verizon Wireless. One-upping the iPhone, Skype for Blackberrys on Verizon will be fully integrated, meaning you can make free Skype to Skype calls anytime, anywhere – not just from WIFI. I know I keep saying this but if Skype remains free, I don’t see how Skype mobile won’t totally change the cellular industry as we know it. It can’t be long until Skype mobile is available for all devices.

To promote the release of Skype Mobile, Skype has launched an interesting (and kind of strange) promotional campaign. Basically, they have five artists from around the world on stand by, waiting for you to call them and via Skype and tell them something. They then take your message and transform it into art. There’s a little video about it at http://outside.skype.com/.

GBuzzBBLast week, I posted about Google Buzz and how it integrates with your Gmail account, but I didn’t really get into what it means for your new or refurbished cell phone. As opposed to Google Buzz on your PC or Mac, you don’t need to have a Gmail account to use Buzz on your mobile. If you have a smart phone running Android or an iPhone, you should be pretty excited about what Buzz will bring to your world.

What I find coolest about Buzz for your mobile is that when you press the “Nearby” button, your are shown all the recent Buzz posts, from everyone – not just people you know, in your vicinity, listed in order of proximity. Okay, so it’s Friday night, you live in the city, and you’re bored. You hit the “Nearby” button, and you see posts pop up all around you like, “Drink Up Buttercup goes on in 15 minutes,” and, “The new Frida Kahlo exhibit is beauuutiful,” and, “Open Bar at Las Vegas Lounge till midnight,” etc, etc.  Because the Buzzes are tagged with GPS, you see from exactly where the person posted the Buzz. You now have a list of things to do of which you were previously unaware.

Think of what that means if you’re a business owner. Because you don’t have to be “following” people to see their Buzzes when you’re using the Nearby feature, you could Buzz your nightly promotions, and they’ll pop up on mobiles all around your vicinity.

The possibilities are really endless. Say your power goes out – post a Buzz like, “Anyone else’s power out?” and your neighbors may immediately respond, “Not on our side of the street.” How about, “HELP! Our dog Boomer ran away!” Someone down the street might reply saying they found him. What if you’re new to a city and you’d like an insider’s perspective? It’s as simple as Buzzing: “Where can I get the best cheesesteak around here?” “Tony Jr’s on 8th, duh.” Done deal.

To get Google Buzz for your phone, visit http://www.google.com/buzz and click on the button at the bottom right that says: “Get Buzz for your Phone.”

Again, happy Buzzing.

olympics10-opening-hpThe Winter Olympics are finally here, and the opening ceremony kicks off tonight at 9pm EST! Knowing that it’s tough to keep up with all of the different events, Google has made it easy to follow along via your computer and your new or refurbished cell phone.

To follow along from your phone, simply visit Google and do a search for the sport that you are interested in, and the latest info about game results, schedules, medal count, and more will appear right above the search results.

For more in-depth information about the games, check out Google News for your mobile by going to google.com/games10/m on your phone.

Go U.S.A!

Photo via BusinessInsider.com

Photo via BusinessInsider.com

Back in November, I did a post about how GQ’s app  for new and used cell phones marked the beginning of a shift to the paradigm of the magazine world. It seems the explosion of the “App” world has had the same effect on the newspaper industry as The New York Times app has recently reached 3 million downloads. In December alone, they had 75 million page views from mobile sites and apps.

It seems that apps have squelched fears of the Internet killing printed media (in revenue at least). According to Business Insider, The Time’s fourth quarter Internet revenues “increased 10.3% to $102.0 million from $92.5 million, and Internet advertising revenues increased 10.6 percent to $90.6 million from $81.9 million, thanks to a considerable boost from About.com.”

Although the days of actually getting your fingers dirty from flipping newspaper pages may soon be history, continued advancement in the fields of cell phone and tablet technology will no doubt offer the printed media industry an arena in which to thrive. A piece of me will miss the feel of the pages on my fingers but, hey, it’s good news for trees, right?

1444417344-GoogleBuzzLogo68I know, I know, another Google Article. But this is huge – well everything Google does is huge, but this couldn’t go un-posted. Basically, if you are not using Gmail by now, you need to get with the program. Google has released and is rolling out Google Buzz today, which is pretty much Google’s version of Twitter/Facebook. The best part of Google Buzz is that it’s already integrated with Gmail so you don’t need to sign up for anything, and it works with your new or refurbished cell phone.

Like with all of Google’s releases, the easiest way to get a feel for how it works is to watch the video on their site. Google Buzz allows you to post status updates (obviously), but it also does so much more and, apparently, with much greater ease than Twitter or Facebook. It seems that sharing and viewing photos is incredibly easy, and updates get sent to your inbox where you can quickly and easily reply.

If you go to the Google Buzz site, there is a button to “Try Buzz in Gmail.” I clicked it about five minutes ago and it’s still not in my Gmail, but according to Google, it may take a few minutes to register. If you get Buzz, please comment and let us know what you think of it. Happy Buzzing!

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