Paypal dropped a new app that lets you easily manage your account from your new or refurbished iPhone. They’ve also added a sweet new feature that allows you to send funds by simply “bumping” your phone with the phone of the person to whom you need to send money.

The scenario is this: you and a friend are out having dinner, you get the check, and your friend says something like, “Hey, I have no cash. I’ll put it on my card and you can just pay me your half.” All is good unless you also have no cash. Enter PayPal’s new app. Simply whip your iPhones out, open the apps, punch in the amount you owe your buddy, bump the phones together, and, boom, you’re all squared up.

PayPal has also included some helpful tools in the app like a tip calculator (for those who still haven’t figured out to simply move the decimal and double) and a feature that lets you calculate who owes what in situations when someone orders more than others.

For the full article, visit the NY Times

I just came across this article from January, and I’m really curious to see if anyone has any new information. Apparently, the company that makes MagicJack (the little thing that plug into your computer that gives you unlimited phone calls from your house phone) is now making a similar product that allows you to make unlimited calls in your home from your new or refurbished cell phone.

After plugging the device into your computer, it recognizes any phone brought within a radius of eight feet. It then calls the phone and prompts the user to enter a short code. After that, the MagicJack recognizes that phone any time it is within a 3,000 sq. foot radius of the device and allows the phone to make unlimited calls from within that radius (that do not come off of your cell phone plan’s minutes) via VoIP. A year’s subscription for the device is reported to cost the same as the original MagicJack, which is about $40.

Obviously, several cellular providers are not happy about this product, and I’m curious to see what the current status of this new Magic Jack is. If anyone could provide any new details in the comments section, it’d be much appreciated.

The original article can be found at Digital Trends.

Picture 1Just in time for their upcoming tour, The Blue Dot is now sponsoring Philly’s hottest band, Drink Up Buttercup.  The boys in DUB head out this week for a countrywide tour and we’re looking forward to their mobile updates, which will be sent from their refurbished iPhone.

DUB’s tour, which includes several shows with Indy favorites We Are Scientists, will take them to the South By South West festival in Austin, Texas where the band is eager to showcase their first full-length album. The album, Born and Thrown on a Hook, drops from Yep Rock Records on March 23rd and is available for pre-order at Drink Up’s website.  There you can also find links to their Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter pages where you can sign up to receive their mobile updates from the road.

2010 looks to be a huge year for Drink Up, and we’re proud to be a part of their success. Here’s a video from a studio session they did on their last tour. Enjoy.

lastcallthrillerA company called 13th Street has released a horror film in Germany called Last Call in which characters actually call an audience member on their smart cell phone for help during the film. 13th street claims it to be the first interactive movie of it’s kind.

Upon entering the movie theater, audience members give their cell phone numbers and at a crucial point in the movie, one of the audience members receives a call from a character in the film. The character asks the audience member what to do, voice recognition understands the audience member’s answer, and the character reacts accordingly.

Tired of not being heard when you scream at the screen? Looks like the characters are about to start listening. Check out the trailer below.

nokia_logoLast week, Nokia filed to patent technology that will charge your new or refurbished cell phone from the motion of the phone in your hand, pocket, etc. The technology is similar to that of watches that are charged from kinetic energy harvested from the movement of the wrist.

From what I’ve read, the heavier internals of the phone (the battery, transmitter, etc.) will sit on a pair of rails, allowing it to slide up and down as the user moves. That energy is then collected and sent into the battery.

Kinetically charged phones should be great for people constantly on the go. Might not be worth it if you’ve got a desk job though.

More at New Scientist

click-to-call-nationalThis is great if you use Google Adwords. Google has now enabled Click to Call, which shows your business phone number below your ad as a live link that will immediately dial the number when clicked from a new or refurbished smart phone.

If you are using AdWords, you should definitely set up Click to Call as it’s a simple/quick set up. Just go to your account and set up “Phone Extensions,” add your business number, and people will be able to call you with one click from your ad.

For more information about Click to Call and installation, visit Google’s AdWords Blog.

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