blogimageGoogle phones just keep getting better and better. Google released Gesture Search for Android phones today, which allows you to quickly search through your contacts by simply drawing on the screen.

Say you want to call your buddy Chris, just open your contacts and draw a ‘C’ on the screen. Instantly, your address book will scroll to the Cs. For a more refined search, draw ‘CH’. Swiping left to right will cancel the search, and swiping right to left acts like a delete key.

Gesture Search is intuitive as well. After you search and call your friend Chris, the next you search by drawing a C, your address book will go straight to Chris.

To download Gesture Search, just search for it in the Android Market.

dn18591-2_300More crazy technology that will most likely change the new and refurbished cell phone industry. It’s called Skinput and what it does is allow you to turn your body, specifically your arm, into a touch screen allowing you to control your phone or your iPod by tapping your skin.

Apparently, tapping different parts of your arm creates different frequencies of sound/vibrations that radiate through your body, which can be detected by this technology. Something called a pico projector, which is a micro sized projector, can sync with Skinput and project a virtual screen onto the surface of your arm.

So what’s the point, right? Well, the scenario that seems to make most sense is someone jogging with their iPod strapped to their arm. With this system, you could control the iPod by simply tapping different parts of your arm. Check out the video to get a better idea of what it’s all about.

Full article at NewScientist

vodafone-circuit-owlThis seems like an interesting idea that will probably catch on. Vodaphone is now making jewelry and key chains from the innards of recycled cell phones.

I’m not sure that using a motherboard as a key chain is actually recycling though. Yeah, you’re keeping it out of a landfill but for how long? You’re going to eventually throw it away right?

Apparently, these things are going to sell for six bucks. Meh… the owl looks cool, but I think I’d rather have a Big Mac.

Full article at engadget

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