3D Technology comes to Smart Phones

The entertainment industry has been focusing on 3D technology in the film industry with intensity for the past few years. Just recently has the industry been scoping out the consumer market, pushing for 3D technology in the household.

The trouble with 3D, of course, is that the viewer is forced to wear special glasses; the old-school red-and-blue cardboard goggles, or the more modern tinted shades. Until the family can sit around a television and not have to don a funny pair of glasses, 3D-at-home is walking is crutches.

But what if you could limit a 3D screen to only one viewer at a time? This is the concept that may be ideal for handheld devices? TR10 in conjunction with Samsung and Dynamic Digital Depth have been experimenting with a new model for Smart Phones.

Because the device (Samsung B710) can be adjusted and angled by a single viewer, it unlocks the ability to sustain a three-dimensional image by reflecting outward light according to the position of the phone.

When the B710 is moved from a vertical to a horizontal position, the on-screen image jumps from 2D to 3D. While this isn’t a function that would be particularly useful while making calls, we’re all aware that we use our phones for much more than that. This 3D functionality will include a wide range of handheld entertainment for the phone (Nintendo could be looking at this technology for their next handheld entertainment system).

Once this application is perfected, the possibilities are endless. This could bring a whole new “dimension” to the way we interact with our mobile devices.

Dynamic Digital Depth is beginning to develop another device that extracts the 3D data that already exists in most next-gen console video games. Theoretically, this would turn any existing video game into 3D.

The future is uncertain—but the growth of new technologies is compelling enough to keep us all buried in the anticipation.

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