41-Megapixel Camera Phone!? You Better Believe it!

Used Cell PhoneNokia is kind of falling behind in sales as of late. It has been a bit slow in keeping up with competition and only now became a forerunner for Windows Phones. But the sales are still waning. That doesn’t seem to slow down any other possible innovations they have in store. Say hello to the 41-Megapixel Nokia 808 Pureview Camera Phone powered by Symbian. Yea, Symbian, the Smart Phone OS that is going the way of the dinosaur is slapped into an impressive camera phone.

This brought up some interesting questions though. Not really involving their poor choice in OS, but with camera phones and point and shoot cameras.  Sales of point and shoot cameras have been dropping drastically as smart phone sales rise. Why buy a camera when your phone takes pictures just as quickly with a ton more features? With a point and shoot, you take a picture and have to wait until you get home to share it. While with a smart phone you can shoot, save, share, send to photo albums online or even send it to a cloud storage to be saved for good, all within minutes of taking the photo.

Now we have the Nokia 808 41-Megapixel camera phone that can do more than most point and shoots ever could with picture quality and HD video. So we see another technology slowly bite the dust to smart phones dominance over a multitasking marketplace. But will this phone sell? Maybe not so well in the states, but in other countries where Symbian is still popular, it will do rather well. I want to see Nokia make phones with that kind of power with Windows or Android OS backing it though.

With point and shoot on it’s way out, what other tech should we expect to see dwindle? My best guess is digital cameras. Not the big budget kind or professional kind, but the cheaper pocket digital camera. Smart phones are already packing HD video, and it’s only a matter of time before their quality in control matches that of cheap pocket digital camcorders. My phone, for example, which is a used cell phone Droid Razr has HD video and a 16GB SD card, meaning I can record HOURS of footage without stopping. The quality is good enough for some parties and events, though the sound quality is still catching up.

With technology advancing so rapidly it is no surprise Smart phones and Tablets are beginning to steal away customers from more specific device markets. Point and shoot, Camcorders and, the first at the cutting block, netbooks are just a few of the device on their way out.

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    Am I the only one that thinks 41MP is overkill?  I mean, thats pretty incredible, but really?  Either way, I’ll take one, ha!

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