8 Fun Features on Blackberry 6 OS

RIM’s Blackberry SmartPhones have been pushed around long enough. The capabilities of market giants like Droid and iPhone are gathering appeal at a steady rate across the board and this is pulling customers away left and right. Every piece of technology from MP3 players to Computers are now being shrunken down to pocket-sized devices and there are a lot to choose from. Certain phones are big for those interested in games and media, but others try to hit the social networking niche.

Blackberry has just released its latest operating system for its new devices and, well, let’s just say they’re doing everything they possibly can to keep up. Here are 8 key features of the new OS 6. These are some features you will be able to utilize on your Blackberry SmartPhones

1. Universal SearchMuch like the iPhone‘s Spotlight search system, a visit to the “Address Book” is no longer necessary. Simply type in a name and the new OS will gather results from your Phone Book, Media, Apps, etc.

2. Enhanced PlaybackAlbum Art and Info can now be viewed on an interactive media carousel to flick casually through albums and navigate in a more fluid manner (rather than point and click from endless lists).

3. Social Networking FeedsAre you such a hardcore networking fiend that it becomes a hassle going back and forth to Twitter, Facebook, and whatever else you use? The Blackberry 6 fixes that with a a social activity generator that will merge Facebook and Twitter with your Events and Calendar to make for easy planning, communicating, and invitations.

4. RSS FeedsBlog rolls and web feeds become as easy as a flick of the finger. Simply key in the web address you’d like to follow and choose your favorite feeds. It’s all right there with no data entry or tedious searching.

5.Visual/Fluid InterfaceThe interface for the new OS may just be the most appealing part. Utilizing floating tiles and optimal screen space, the new interface keeps all interactivity feel fluid and organic.

6. Blackberry MessengerYes, Blackberry Messenger has always been a feature that many people can take or leave, but Blackberry 6 takes it up a notch to create a clear and sharp interface with multiple media options. Definitely a must have for communicating with other Blackberry users quickly and effectively.

7.Simultaneous PostingsThere are plenty of extra apps and computer programs that do this job fairly well, but Blackberry 6 OS takes care of all posting for you. One status update may (if you wish) update every social networking app that you use–a nifty, time-saving trick.

8. Awesome Web Browser (finally)Yes, it’s been a long time coming, but finally the Blackberry got its hands on a usable web browser that doesn’t only serve to generate headaches. This browser actually feels like a real internet experience, featuring easy magnification and multiple tabs.

There’s plenty more to know about the new operating system, but these are by-far the coolest. If you lost or broke your phone and do not want to pay retail for a replacement, consider a refurbished Smart Phone. Otherwise, if you’re looking to upgrade to a newer model, or just have unused phones lying around your house, trade them in for Cash at The BlueDot.

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