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The Blue Dot, LLC is a small but steadily growing business based out of Philadelphia. We are committed to providing the world with quality products at unbelievable prices with the best customer service there is. This is our blog where we will keep you up to date on the latest news, trends, and information about the world of mobile phones. We look forward to running promotions and doing many giveaways, so be sure to sign up and frequently check in with us!

  • sergio

    it`s a very interesting idea, i like it. thumps up

  • Babettelsmith012


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    layout, good tips, and an overall great resource on telephonic communication and

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  • scottyd76

    I have a comment I bought a phone from this company off of E-bay still waiting for phone ,this company takes your money and sys see ya ripp off dont buy from these scam atists

  • Dave

    The Blue Dot sold me a phone. I returned the phone and the blue dot received it on 02.04.2014. I have made repeated attempts to contact the blue dot and they are not returning any reply or my refund for the phone. When they were making a sale they were quick to take my money. This is the second phone from the blue dot in a 2 month time frame and neither of them worked properly. I just want my money refunded. Very poor business relations.

  • Tay

    I wouldn’t recommend blue dot to anyone. Blue Dot sent me a rooted phone and i have had nothing but continous problems. Horrible company please dont waste your money….

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