Jan 24

It’s no secret I am kind of cheering the Windows 7 phone line along. I don’t actually own one, but I am intrigued by Nokia’s big push and sleek phone designs along with a rather sleek new Windows interface. Not to mention integration with my computer and Xbox. So far it hasn’t proven itself to me yet, but it seems it has proven itself to some analysts who make a living off of cellphone business guesswork.

The folks over at eWeek are just as puzzled as I am about the analysts findings. It has only been a little under a year since Nokia has announced and released several new Windows phones which put Windows at around 2% of the business market share. Not bad for a first year, but enough to see a jump from 2% to 16.7% in under 3 years? That’s a bit hard to swallow, though not unheard of.  Android continues to dominate the market share at 47.4% with iOS behind them at 18%. Most of this, like I have written about before, can be attributed to Android being on dozens of phones at various price ranges while iOS is only offered on a couple phones and only by Apple at inflated prices.



The analysts claim the main backer to their guesswork is Nokia’s aggressive push in North America with their new Windows phones. I have to admit, I can’t wait to get my hands on them, but only a couple months of hype doesn’t really give much data on several years of possible future market share changes. The only thing I agreed with was Android still holding the %1 spot which is, honestly, because of it’s price tag.  There were similar jumps in the past, up and down, in market shares which can be seen with RIM’s downfall and Google Androids rise. I’m excited though, because this breeds some interesting competition. Will Apple respond with the long rumored iPhone 5? Will Google have something under their sleeve ready to wow the populous? We shall see!

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