Another Reason To Buy a Refurbished Blackberry

BBTwitPicIf you are anywhere near the technological forefront of today, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Twitter and the ease at which it allows you to share your thoughts, status, information. But are you aware that you can now just as easily tweet videos from your Blackberry cell phone through sites like Twitvid and Twiddeo?

Assuming that you already have a Twitter account, all you have to do is go to Twitvid or Twiddeo, log in with your Twitter user name and password, and then follow the simple instructions for uploading and tweeting video tweets. The only catch is that your cell phone needs to have video recording capabilities (which most iPhones do not). Blackberry has a bunch of models that come with video recording capabilities (shown below), and the best part is that most of these models are now available refurbished, meaning that you can purchase them for a fraction of what they cost new.

Blackberrys with video recording:

  • Caitlin Reynolds

    Wow! Thanks for the tips Your blog can surely save a person’s money.. like me.. LOL

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