Apple’s Next iPhone Found in a Bar

Photo via Gizmodo

If you’re an apple fan confused about whether or not to upgrade to a new or refurbished iPhone 3Gs (or maybe to an iPad instead, or maybe wait until the iPad gets a camera), your predicament just got a little more complicated. Some poor guy, who had (has?) an awesome job at Apple, lost a prototype of the next iPhone while he was drunk.

What people are making a really long story is actually pretty short: guy worked at Apple and had the next iPhone, guy got drunk, guy left bar without iPhone, Gizmodo somehow got a hold of iPhone, Gizmodo verified it’s the real deal, and here we are. Now we have pictures and video of what the next iPhone looks like and, most importantly, confirmation that it has a camera on the back and the front. Video chat via iPhone, here we come! Check out the video below.

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