Apple to Build Giant Campus in Cupertino and You’re Not Invited… Ever.

Apple campus 2Seems a neighborhood in a town called Cupertino is a bit miffed. Why? Well Apple is building a giant spacestation like campus in their backyard, probably the future spot for all their big events and announcements. But what’s their problem? Isn’t this something a town normally would love? A big center that could bring in tons of tourism cash to their local economy? Well… Not so much.

It seems that no one is invited to this campus. No tourists, no local events, you can’t even walk in to see what it looks like if you live a block away. This is what is making the locals a bit miffed. This center will allegedly be bringing in quite a few people at a few of the big apple events (after 2015), but that doesn’t really speak well for tourism dollars.  Those tourism dollars will be even lower since the whole campus will have it’s own restaurant, fitness center and more for the 13,000 research employees that will be working there.

The whole facility hasn’t had the green light yet, so the locals may set some ground rules before they even break ground in 2015. It’s a double edge sword though. It’s nice apple will mitigate traffic some by being mostly self enclosed for employees, but to have a big facility like that, with a world class theater, and then send out brochures to tell it’s neighbors how great it is… then say they will never see it, kind of a jerk move.  Especially with so many fans of the Apple iPhone.

Things may change though since ground hasn’t even been broken on the building, and no one is quite sure how well Apple will be doing in 2015. Everyone knows the late Steve Jobs planned for his company several years in advance, so by 2015 we may be seeing what Apple truly will be like without his guidance.  We’ll have to wait and see, and even as an Android fan boy, I wish this company the best.

Source: Gizmodo

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