AT&T bids farewell to Unlimited data plans

As of June 7th, consumers who jump on the iPad bandwagon will no longer be able to purchase an “unlimited” download plan. Previously, an iPad user would drop $30 per month to send and receive as much data as they desired–but this is all going to change. The new limit is 2 gigabytes-per-month at a $25 rate. Needless to say, many consumers are frustrated.

The good news is that if you bought your iPad early, you are grandfathered in to the old rates and are not required to switch over to the new plan.

The bad news: it looks like Apple iPhone users aren’t off the hook. In an effort to weed down the number of iPhone customers holding on to their previous Unlimited Data Plans, AT&T is offering a service called “tethering” for $20 per month.

Tethering is a service that turns your portable device into a modem to provide internet access for their laptop. Put simply, if you’re in an area with no wireless internet, simply plug your iPhone into your laptop and enjoy an AT&T sponsored broadband connection. So, that’s the catch–give up your sweet Unlimited Data Plan and opt for the very-useful tethering feature.

Statistics show that on average 98% of AT&T’s customers user less than 2 Gigs per month–so, don’t be so quick to judge. Hypothetically, this change seems economically feasible…yet slightly questionable.

My opinion (since you’re obviously looking for it)?

–Keep your Unlimited Data Plan and hook up with CLEAR for your laptop wi-fi. It’s cheap, efficient, and the customer support is wonderful.

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