Best Android Phone App: AllTrails Review

Today on my Motorola Droid Razr refurbished cell phone we’re going to check out AllTrails. One of my favorite apps, AllTrails helps people, who love the outdoors to find the best hiking locations all across the world. I have used it multiple times on many trips only to see it improve with every update and become more and more useful. Check out more details after the break!


AllTrails has a nice sleek look that’s easy to navigate and understand. upon signing in, typically through your Facebook account, you’re welcomed with trails nearby. That list includes basic details about the trail which include what kind it is, what it’s best for, difficulty, location and average rating. You get all this information before you even select the trail to learn more about it. Upon selecting it you can check out pictures of the trail provided by other hikers, giving you a better idea of what to expect.

FeaturesRefurbished cell phone

As I stated above, this app has all kinds of helpful features. You can get average ratings of hikes, and even see each individual rating, which is super useful because some reviews update people about new features or when it’s best to visit the park. You can save any and all trails to individual folders of favorites, wishlist or completed, allowing you to keep track of all the trails you want, or have, done. These features are available on new, used and refurbished cell phones alike, though one feature will probably require a pretty powerful battery. That feature is the trail recorder, which allows you to track your progress and time on a trail using GPS, which can eat away at your battery life if you’re not careful.


Using this app on my refurbished cell phone was super easy, super slick and super helpful. I have used this app on every hike I have gone on for over a year and every update adds a new useful feature (such as built in trails over topographical maps). I find new and interesting hikes to go on and I love reading reviews to get the best ideas on what to do when I get there. I would highly suggest this app to anyone who loves the outdoors and loves hiking. Download this app! It’s free, simple and just super helpful. Check out the AllTrails official website for more details!


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