Best Android Phone App: Minecraft PE Video

Today reviews one of the best android phone apps, Minecraft Pocket Edition. One of my personal favorite apps available on the Android and iOS for $6.99. Check out our full review after the break!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft PE is best played on an Android phone with a control pad like the Xperia Play

Minecraft PE is best played on an Android phone with a control pad like the Xperia Play

First thing’s first, Minecraft is one of my all time favorite games ever made, and I hope it stays that way for years to come. It’s difficult to explain Minecraft to someone who has never seen it before, but for me, it’s like Lego  hiking and survival horror combined. Well, maybe not Horror… but things can get spooky when you get lost in a cave network with no torches to light your way. The goal in Minecraft, at least it’s core goal, is to survive. What you do while surviving is all up to you. Do you want to find a village and help make it a big walled in city safe from monsters? How about an underground base with traps and secret rooms to keep your goodies hidden? Or would you rather just explore to your hearts content? All of these are goals you make for yourself, and it’s what makes Minecraft so much fun, the game is whatever you want it to be.

Best Android Phone App Game

Minecraft Pocket Edition, one of the best android phone apps around, is a bit simpler than the PC version. It is a few updates shy of the latest PC version with a few features missing, but it’s still a lot of fun on the go. The premise is about the same, except exploration is truncated quite a bit due to a limited space available. Unlike PC’s that have for more RAM to allocate to the game, mobile devices have to limit the size of the world you inhabit so the game is actually possible on cell phones. You still have to mine for minerals, kill pigs for food and survive the night, and for some, that is plenty to work with!

How it Runs

The game itself runs rather buggy, crashing at odd times and freezing at others. The plus side to the game is that when you go back in, there is no loading, there is no waiting, you’re thrown right back where you left off, which is nice. But it’s annoying to be chasing a chicken for food only to crash, go back in, and have no chicken in sight. When it doesn’t crash it runs super smooth and plays excellently, though a bit annoying when you only have a touch screen to control with. Thumbs take up a lot of the screen, but the game play is slowed down a bit for mobile play in regards to the controls, which was a nice touch.

A Success on Every Platform

Minecraft sold over 9.5 million copies on PC and the pocket edition sold over 1 million at the beginning of this month. Minecraft has been around for a couple years and it’s popularity only gets larger and larger worldwide. Britain’s most popular youtube channel is a Let’s Play channel for Minecraft, people make money just playing the game and having others watch! (they do much more than that of course). Again, Minecraft PE is one of the best Android Phone apps I have ever played, and I hope you all try it out some time. Get the demo and take a shot!

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