Best Android Phone App Review: Tamagotchi Life

For this edition of the best android phone app reviews we’re going to take a look at Tamagotchi l.i.f.e. a game that is probably meant to be more nostalgic than useful. This game was released about a month ago and I gave it a shot mostly for reliving my childhood. I had a tamagotchi when I was really young and this game is exactly that, Tamagotchi. It’s light on features with slight upgrades to graphics, but not much else. Check out the full review after the break.


Ok, it’s fair to say this game didn’t get too much of an upgrade, and I suppose it didn’t really need it. Everyone knows Tamagotchi as a tiny pixel sprite with personality, at least in odd looks. What I found cool was having two

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From 10 pixels to 20-ish pixels you can see a slight graphical upgrade

options to play with your Tamagotchi. You can play it on the original looking game with the “egg” and simple buttons, which is a nice flash back to the old game. You can also see the “upgraded” version of the game with a few more pixels added to your Tamagotchi and easier navigation. The animations are simple, the noises are still just beeps and bloops, and you’re left with very little else to look at besides different backgrounds. It’s fairly bare bones when it comes to graphical features, which makes it able to be played on the worst and best android phones out there.


Just like the very little graphical features you also get very little gameplay. Not much has changed in the world of Tamagotchi and that’s not really a bad thing. If you got the app for nostalgia, like myself, then this is what you’re already looking for. But I did want one thing, the ability to have more than one Tamagotchi at a time. This game has one thing to drive you to keep playing, unlocks and collectibles  The problem is, you can only collect and unlock things by having different Tamagotchi’s and if your Tamagotchi grows up, you are stuck with it until it dies or you reset. Which is an odd motivation for a game that originally has you keeping these digital pets alive for as long as you can. So, like myself, you may be stuck with a set number of unlocks for weeks until you just simply forget about your Tamagotchi, and by that time you may not even be interested in the game at all.

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The original Tamagotchi game


So besides the game you get a few things to play around with. One thing I was surprised with was the original manual from the game being put into the How To section. It was a nice touch and really brought me back. The other feature, which is an odd addition, is the Facebook feature. You can take a picture of your Tamagotchi and share it on your Facebook wall, first by linking your Facebook with the app itself. That is the only thing you can do in regards to Tamagotchi on Facebook. I saw only one friend share a picture of their Tamagotchi and it was as silly and pointless as I imagined it to be. Although, this is a free game so you shouldn’t expect too much.

Wrap up

So in closing, is this one of the best android phone apps out there? Probably not, but it isn’t trying to be. It is a silly marketing scheme with very little substance, but you get a nice nostalgic effect from playing it for a week or two. After that, there is little reason to keep it on your phone at all. There is some replay value if you want to keep unlocking and collecting things, but if it takes killing your digital pet, it seems counter intuitive to what the original games intent was all about. is it worth downloading? Sure, it’s free and it doesn’t spam you with anything, and the ads are rather small. It’s a nice throwback to your youth, if it was a part of it. Otherwise it’s not really worth the download. So unless you grew up with Tamagotchi, you may want to pass on this one.


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