Best Android Phone Review: Motorola Razr Maxx

On today’s edition of Best Android Phone Reviews we’re going to check out the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. This is my personal phone and, so far, all time favorite phone. I have been a fan of Motorola devices for a while, and although they have had a questionable record of quality, they certainly have outdone themselves with the new Razr line. Motorola used to be known for their trendy sleek Razr lines back in the feature phone days and they haven’t been seen for years, until now! Check the full review after the break for more details!

The Outside

Upon handling the device it just feels rather tough  and super thin, even though it is slightly thicker than the Droid Razr. The slight thickness is due to the added super battery, which we will get to in a bit. The phone has Gorilla Glass making the screen super tough and scratch resistant. I mention in the video how careless I am with throwing phones in my pocket, and this screen shows no wear or tear while other parts of the phone have shown some. Which is impressive, considering most people only care about their screen, like myself, this was a huge surprise to me to see not a single scratch. The Kevlar back is an odd touch, but adds more grip and better damage resistance, it just feels nice. The phone fits comfortably in one hand, but function will most likely require two since this device has a rather large screen size at about 4.3 inches.

Best Android Phone Razr Maxx

The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx


The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx’s biggest and best feature is it’s battery. This thing simply won’t die! I have used the device constantly all day and it stays awake longer than I can being at about 30% battery by the time I went to bed… and I must repeat, this is at almost constant use! They were so confident in it’s battery life that when they showed it off at CES for the first time, they left it on all day for people to use… on one charge. If you use it speratically throughout the day it can last you a couple days without needing a charge. Don’t even get me started on how long it will last if you turn 4g and 3g off and let it just sit there.

The operating system is stock Ice Cream Sandwich but you can upgrade to Jellybean if you search out the file. The file to upgrade is unofficially official, by which I mean it was released early by mistake and the download roll-out was stopped, so there is an official file with no need to jailbreak your device out there. No risk, no bricking, just a slight upgrade with the ability to use Google Now Widget. Just having Jellybean keeps it as one of the best android phones out there, in my opinion.


The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx has a duel core processor, making it fast at processes and smooth with apps. With the ease of Jellybean to close apps that are running you can really get your Razr Maxx flying like a jet through anything. The bright and vibrant AMOLED screen looks amazing with a nice resolution of 540×960, which I think is close to the perfect resolution for a screen that size. The camera records at true HD at 1080p and looks pretty good with plenty of features to record for any occasion. The camera itself is 8mp and is fairly good at macro images, and ok with outside images involving the sunlight. Just be sure to use the focus feature or almost every image will come out blurry.

One of the Best Android Phones Out There

So is this one of the best Android phones out there, according to the bold text above this very line? Yes, in my opinion the Razr Maxx line of phones is one of the best Android phones you can get. The screen looks great, it runs Jellybean and it has a battery life that is hard to believe. I like the Samsung Galaxy phones, but the battery life is just too good to pass up. I would highly suggest getting Motorola Droid Razr Maxx phones if you’re looking to upgrade.


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