Best Android Phone Apps for Hiking

Android cell phoneIt’s starting to get really warm outside, and usually that means more outside activities with the best android phone apps out there! Personally I have taken up hiking every other weekend, and living in Pennsylvania I have plenty of places to go. But I had a thought while out on my latest hike… are there apps for my phone to make a hike easier, or at least, help me find more trails I may not know about? What if the worst comes to pass and I get lost? What apps can help fellow hikers or campers out there to stay safe and have fun?



AllTrails hiking app

Seen here is the way AllTrails lists trails along with community reviews

Alltrails – The Best Android Phone Hiking App

I just got this app, but it already has made my future hiking trips a whole lot easier! The app features an extensive trail listing with community reviews, photos and maps. One of the best features is the ability to add trails to a list of completed and wishlist, so you can plan your trips a head of time.  This app is available on both Android cell phones and iPhones, and a must have for any prospective hiker out there. In my opinion, it’s the best android phone app for hiking trips out there.

Flashlight Apps

No need to be specific on what flashlight app is the best, they are all close to the same. Sometimes a flashlight could break, or you forget it or the batteries die. Not everyone packs extra batteries, though you should, so having a flashlight app on you phone could be a handy substitute in a pinch. Though you should use it sparingly as most flashlight apps use the flash LED light on your phone, which can drain it’s battery life considerably. If you’re lost, this could be bad news if your phone dies on you in the middle of nowhere. A Razr Maxx is the best Android phone for apps that drain battery life like this one.

Army Survival

There are quite a few apps out there like this one, so any will do. Army survival gives you plenty of things that could be useful in the wild, from first aid techniques to how to build a shelter with branches and twigs. The most helpful tips in the app include water purification and local plant life that can help with ailments.

Critter Trax

This app is super handy for those trails that are truly out in the middle of nowhere. This app helps identify animal tracks in case you’re in bear or cougar country.  You should always stay up to date with animal sightings in areas you’re about to hike in, but you never know when you could be the first one to see a bear that year, so always be prepared. This is the best android phone app for avoiding animals you may not want to meet, or do want to meet.

Compass Apps

Every smart phone has the ability to be a compass, so it may be best to download a very precise compass. GPS can only be so accurate when you start getting out into the wild, so a compass and a map may be your best friend. You should have a legit compass on you instead of your phone, but you never know if you’ll misplace it or just forget it. Again, it’s better to be prepared than left in the wild with no sense of direction

Click here for AllTrails official site on hiking and biking trails! Safe hiking!

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