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Best recipe appsAfter Thanksgiving I realized just how much I used my phone for recipes and cooking. I made mixed drinks, desserts and even whole meals using various apps on my phone, tablet and Windows 8 device. Relatives of mine, who are tech deficient in a few ways, were amazed such tools have been available for some time. One was even amazed their favorite recipe website had it’s own app. So here are TheBlueDot’s favorite cooking/recipe apps! Dinner SpinnerThis app I use the most for dinners and a few odd desserts. The thing is, I don’t use it for it’s original intended function. The dinner spinner opens to a weird slot machine looking “mini game” where you shake your phone to get random recipes. I found this terrible and unhelpful, but if you press the spyglass at the top (or bottom, depending on your OS), you can search through all recipes listed on their site. This is where the app shines, where you can find the best rated foods and even adjust portions to get a shopping list ready. Why AllRecipes still uses the spinner, I don’t know. But the search engine within the app is fantastic. The best part of all? It’s free.

Cocktail Flow - This app, available on all Windows 8 devices, is absolutely beautiful. It’s well laid out, organized and the flow (pardon my pun) from one part of the app to another is slick. This app, as made obvious by it’s name, is a recipe app for various mix drinks. What makes this app really cool is it’s lists the drinks by color, type and whether it’s creamy or fruity. My favorite part of the app is the “My Bar” segment that allows you to select what you have, which allows the app to show you what you can make! This app is perfect for parties and host’s who want to play bartender for the night.

How to Cook Everything - This app may be $10, but it’s one of the best iOS cooking apps out there. with over 2,000 easy to read recipes and 400 how to illustrations, this app is perfect for any beginner. Although it is devoid of any reviews per-dish, almost everything in there is great and easy to make. If you’re not ready to pay $10 for a cooking app, the free version has an impressive amount of recipes as well.

Epicurious - One of the top rated recipe websites out there, it is no surprise that it’s app would be just as good. With a built in shopping list option and unit conversion, this app is a must have for anyone wanting an app that has it all. This app lists how difficult a certain dish will be with each dish also having customer reviews so you can see what other folks may have changed to make something better or easier.

With these apps in your hand this up coming Christmas dinner will be a snap! What is great about some of these apps is you have a separate account not associated with your phone, so if you sell your iPhone or Android device, all your saved recipes and reviews are safe and sound. I would highly suggest, if any of you are fans of pumpkin, to search for “pumpkin mushroom stuffing” on, one of my favorite and easiest dishes to make.

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