Best Unlocked Phone Versus Blackberry 9550 & 9530

Our first contenders are the Blackberry 9530 Storm and the Blackberry 9550 Storm 2.  Upon first glance there are only slight differences, especially in their physical structure. For instance, the 9530 Storm 1 has physical buttons below it’s screen, while the 9550 storm 2 has those buttons melded into the touchscreen display, making them touch as oppose to separate buttons. The other buttons are all physical on both devices, but the Storm 2 has more of a streamlined look, while the storm 1 has buttons that pop out of the body more with a chrome finish.


On to hardware, both devices are rather close when it comes to hardware specs. The biggest difference to the two is that the Blackberry Storm 2 9550 has WiFi, while the Storm 1 9530 does not. This can be a major let down for

Best Unlocked phone

Here you can see the physical buttons below the 9530′s screen

some, and WiFi tends to save on battery life when in use, as oppose to connecting to 3g at all times. The 9550 also has twice the internal storage, although that isn’t saying much when twice means going from 1GB to 2GB, which is rather small for modern devices. Luckily, both devices are expandable with MicroSD cards, which I would highly suggest getting for any of the best unlocked phones out there.

The screen sizes are the same while the touchscreen does have one major difference. The unlocked Blackberry Storm 2 has multi-touch, while the Storm 1 does not. Not a huge issue for some, but it may be a killer for those who may be used to pinch to zoom features on some apps. The camera’s are identical, so no major jump in tech from the storm 1 to the storm 2 in that regard. They both preform the same and capture video and pictures the same.

Both phones have the button screen feature, meaning that in order to select anything, you press down on the screen as if you were pressing a button. It was, and is, a smart way to help those not used to touchscreens to transition into that market. It is only a matter of time before physical buttons will be hard, or impossible, to find for sale anywhere.


As for operating systems they both appear almost exactly the same, except the Blackberry storm 2 9550 has a slight upgrade, making it a bit faster. I have seen Storm 1′s with the same operating system, so a simple firmware upgrade may be in order upon purchasing one of the best unlocked phones out there. There isn’t much else to mention on the software side, after only one year there wasn’t much of a change, nor did it really need one. The both run rather smoothly and react really well with the touch screen button control.

Which is the Best Unlocked Phone?

Frankly, neither, which I mean they are so close to equal that they are both worth a look. If you’re looking to transition into the touchscreen world I would suggest either of these devices. Perhaps I would suggest the Blackberry Storm 1 9530 over the 9550 simply for it’s physical buttons. While I would also suggest the Blackberry 9550 storm 2 for it’s WiFi capabilities. They both have their pluses and minuses, it’s up to you to choose which is the best unlocked phone for you.


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