Best Verizon Phones: HTC Droid Incredible Review

Today reviews the HTC Droid Incredible for Verizon Wireless one of the best Verizon phones of 2010, the specific grade type we’re reviewing in the video is a refurbished cell phone. The HTC Droid Incredible was released April 2010 as one of HTC flagship Android devices. Even though it has been a couple years, it still manages to keep up with the best mid-range Android devices out there. The Incredible’s design was emulated in future HTC devices for a couple years, seeing hints of it’s design in the Evo and even their Mytouch series.


Best Verizon Phones: HTC Droid Incredible Design

The HTC Incredible was one of the best Verizon smart phones with a compact and trendy design. Upon looking on the outside it feels rather sturdy with it’s tough glass screen and plastic back. The HTC logo and camera have metal accents that make it appear tough, it’s appearance making me think I could find this very phone in a tool box. The HTC Incredible weighs in at 4.6 ounces which isn’t surprising considering it’s size of 4.6 x2.2 inches, a relatively small device. But small isn’t always bad, it’s easy to carry in your pockets and very easy to navigate with just one hand.  When the device is powered on, that “tough” appearance is reminiscent in their choice of a default background, with strong red and blacks seen on many Verizon Android devices.

Best Verizon Phones: HTC Droid Incredible Features

The camera is very impressive for the time it was released, coming in at 8MP, which is only just becoming standard on many cell phones now. Speaking of standard, the HTC incredible even shoots in HD at 720p, which is Refurbished Incredible Cell Phoneincredibly impressive for a phone out in 2010. It uses Verizon’s 3G service, so it’s super fast with video and app content when you’re within the service. Of course it has the Google Play Store ready to use and download almost every app available. Which is good because you want the most out of your Android cell phone.

Best Verizon Phones: Conclusion

In the end, though this is not a new Verizon Android device, it still has some power behind it. If you’re looking for an affordable Verizon Android phone, one of the best Verizon cell phones in my opinion, then this is the phone for you. It easily fits into one hand, runs smooth and quick, and records in HD to boot! This is a cell phone with plenty of life left in it! Below you can watch our video review of one of our Refurbished HTC Droid Incredible Cell Phones.

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