Bluetooth Cell Phone Etiquette

Yes, cordless electronics are great. No one wants to get off the couch to change the channel or have to constantly duck and dodge a web of curly cord while they’re on their house phone. And, yes, being able to talk on your cell phone in your car without a cord dangling from your ear is great, but where in the hell did people get the idea that wearing a Bluetooth headset at all times is a cool thing to do?

Is this awesome?

Is this awesome?

I consider myself a peaceful, logical, and generally accepting individual but when I see someone, obviously not talking to anyone, walking by with a hunk of blinking plastic hanging out of their ear, I am overcome with the urge to just smack the the thing off their face like a golf ball off a tee.

I mean, I understand that Bluetooth technology is great and that it’s very helpful to have use of both hands at all times, but how hard is it to keep the stupid looking thing in your pocket until you’re actually on the phone? It seems that people now feel that wearing a Bluetooth headset in your ear at all times has somehow become fashionable, but what I don’t understand is – according to whom? When asked about why giant fake diamond earring are cool, gelled up bros at the Jersey Shore can reference T.O. or the kids on Growing Up Gotti. And orange teenyboppers with sunglasses covering half of their faces have Lindsey Lohan and Nicole Ritchie to glorify as they regurgitate their cesar salads before fifth period. But who is the celebrity sporting their Bluetooth 24/7 that these people are imitating?

If famous people aren’t wearing Bluetooths, why do I feel like going grocery shopping is like being stuck in some Star Trek



convention? The devices aren’t expensive, so it can’t be a status symbol thing. Are there really that many doctors and drug dealers in my neighborhood who absolutely cannot miss a call?

There are now companies making “designer” Bluetooths for women that are supposed to look like big earrings. Great. Now there will be even more people standing behind me in the bank who I think are talking to me but are, instead, just on their invisible cellphone.

Well hello! Oh, you're not talking to me.

Well hello! Oh, you're not talking to me.

I admit, I have a Bluetooth, but I feel like an ass even using the thing in my car where it belongs. I think we need to come to a common understanding that hanging an electronic from your face is something that should be done as little possible in front of as few people as possible. America, trust me on this one.

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  • affg

    How hard is it to keep your stupid opinion to yourself? It’s not hard at all… easier than wearing a bluetooth headset

    Seeing someone wearing a bluetooth headset makes you want to slap it off their head? And wearing one makes you feel like an ass? I got news for ya pal. It ain’t the bluetooth headset… you got issues.

    Kindly work them out with the help of your own private therapist, and let us who are busy and actually get enough phone calls to warrant wearing them, be.

    Or maybe we just like wearing a high tech item that makes our lives easier and give us hope by making us feel like we’re that much closer to the utopian future we dream of. Dreamers like us invented the car. And many other items that make your life a whole lot better. Like the telephone. Or cellphone. Ass.

    We’re keeping your obnoxious, meddling, self-appointed-arbiter-of-taste ass safe by always having it on to answer phone calls in the car, etc.

    So how bout a little tolerance and respect for our freedom of choice?

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