B&N Pulls Select DC Comics from Their Shelves!

In response to a deal struck between Amazon and DC, making select DC titles exclusively available on the Kindle, B&N has pulled some of their books from their shelves. B&N has a promise to its customers that if a book is available on their shelves, it is also available on their E-reader. Since DC struck the exclusive deal Barnes and Noble have begun pulling their books to keep their promise. “To sell and promote the physical book in our store showrooms and not have the e-book available for sale would undermine our promise to Barnes & Noble customers to make available any book, anywhere, anytime.” says J’onn J’onzz, an exec of Barnes and Noble via Engadget. Is this a misstep on DC or Barnes and Nobles part?

We here at TheBlueDot.net think this is a major misstep on DC’s part. Comic book sales are beginning to dwindle in the physical market, but grow in the digital. If DC limits their market, it only hurts them in the long run. With the addition of them losing the shelve space at Barnes and Noble, one of the few large book stores standing, it only makes it worse.  Kindles may be one of the biggest Ereaders out there, but Barnes and Noble is still a viable market place for digital and physical sales. DC should have known something like this would happen and should have never even considered an exclusivity deal to begin with. I love comics, and I know just as much as anyone that paper media is going out the door (when it comes to weekly and monthly prints). It would be unwise for any company to limit where they can sell their product.

DC may be trying to ride the future excitement of the Kindle Fire, being released next month for $199. But that still leaves many people without their favorite DC comics unless they pay up the $199 and get a Kindle Fire. I don’t really think anyone is willing to cough up that much, as good as a price that is, for comic books. Who will bend first? DC or B&N? My guess is DC.

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