Cash for Phones? How About Cash for Tablets?

sell android tabletsWe here at TheBlueDot love taking in used cell phones and putting them in another happy customers hands, but what about tablets? As tablets grow in popularity, thanks in part to the iPad and growing Android Tablet market, so do demands on newer and better technology. It seems new tablets are coming out just as quickly as new phones do, which can cause a bit of a headache for those unaccustomed to a device at such a price point being replaced so easily. So what can you do? The same thing you do with cell phones of course!

We recently upgraded our entire trade in page, making it easier and faster to find your device and get an accurate value quote. We didn’t just make it easier though, we expanded it! Now you can search and sell your used tablets through our trade in page with ease. Want to sell your Android tablet? No problem! What about selling your apple iPad? We take em’ all.

We don’t normally like to toot our own horn here, but we are really proud of our new trade-in page. We hope to offer more devices on the trade in page with time, but at the moment we’re stoked to see a huge list of smart phones and tablets occupying the page. Now you can get top dollar for your old or used tablet and put that money towards the latest and greatest Android, or iPad Tablet.

It’s very evident that tablets are beginning to take the spotlight as more and more begin to steal away the market share from PC’s. Tablet sales of all types are on the rise thanks to the brutal competitive market with Apple and various Android Tablet developers racing to be the top dog. The average consumer has a tough time keeping up and we’re happy to help anyway we can! If you see a brand new Android tablet, or are salivating at the new iPad, then pop on over to our trade in page and we’ll give you the best offer out there!

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    • TheBlueDot

      Thank you very much! We strive to keep everyone informed on the latest news on tech. 

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