Mar 22

Refurbished cell phoneFrom new, used and refurbished cell phones updates seem to take ages when on an Android device. You hear about the latest and greatest update only to find out your phone isn’t getting one for weeks, months or not at all. So what’s the deal? Why do Apple products get updates seemingly faster than all Android devices? Why does one phone get an update and dozens others either take months, or never get it? Well, we got the answers after the break!

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Nov 20

wifi fixWe have been seeing some customers have issues with the WiFi on their Motorola Devour, far too many to be normal. So we did some research and found out that this isn’t an unknown issue. Thankfully we found a fix, though it takes quite a few steps and may seem intimidating at first. But trust me, once you do these steps your WiFi should work!

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Mar 19
Anti Cell Phone Theft Tips

This may not work so well

It can be a scary world out there sometimes, and with the growing population of cell phone users, higher price tags and quick turn over it is no wonder cell phone theft is on the rise. Not just theft out of someones purse or when you leave it on a table. Straight grabbing it from your hand and running down the street theft. Blatant theft that is on the rise in places like Philadelphia. Last yea there were over 400 cell phone thefts reported on Philadelphia’s mass transit, up from 182 in 2008. What can you do to avoid being one of those numbers?

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Mar 15
Ice cream sandwich

Android looks delicious!

If you Blue Dots are anything like me, you are practically foaming at the mouth waiting for the latest updates from those magical folks at Google. Heck, even if you aren’t as excited as I am to be on the cutting edge of technology, it never hurts to keep your product up to date with Android’s many dessert themed upgrades.  The newest update that may be coming to your phone is code named Ice Cream Sandwich.  It brings lots of cool new features, a smoother interface and a uniform look to the Android Platform whether it’s a brand new or used cell phone!

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Mar 07

Greetings Blue Dots! Has your mom sold your PlayStation at a yard sale? Well no worries, if you bought one of our refurbished newer Android phones, you won’t need it anymore! Your friend and guru of all things Android is going to teach you how to take all your old game discs and jam them into you phone’s micro SD card. Time may be of the essence though, as the realm of video game emulation seems to be a gray area for developers in the Android Market.

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Mar 01

Well hello there, all you good looking android using Bluedots! Are you tired of your super cool phone not making it through a busy work day or long car ride?  Well then maybe it’s time to learned how to get the most out of your Android phone’s battery. Before we do that though, let’s take a look at some of the things that cause the drain on your phone’s battery.


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