phoneInstallErrorLike all electronics, cell phones often “freeze up,” especially if you have installed a bunch of applications or haven’t deleted old text messages in a long time. When a cell phone freezes up, or if some other minor glitch is occurring, performing a hard reset will often solve the problem. I’ve dealt with many customers who were freaking out about their Blackberry cell phone, Palm cell phone, or a number of other phones freezing on them but nine times out of ten, a hard reset took care of the issue.

Before performing a hard reset, you should always try a soft reset, if you can. To perform a soft reset, simply remove the battery from the device while the device is still on then re-insert the battery and turn the phone on. If the soft reset does not solve the problem, go ahead and try a hard reset. It is important to back up any information that you have stored in your phone to your computer, however, because performing a hard reset will reset the device to the original factory settings.

Here is a guide to resetting several of the currently most popular models of mobile phones:


For all newer Blackberrys (which have a trackball) such as the Pearl, the Curve, the Tour, etc., follow the following instructions:
1. Go to Options
2. Select Security Options
3. Select General Settings
4. Click Menu
5. Finally, select Wipe Handheld

For older Blackberrys that use the scroll wheel:
1. Go to the Options on your Blackberry device.
2. Go to Security Options
3. Go to General Settings
4. Choose the options by clicking the click wheel or menu button and select Wipe Handheld.
5. Confirm you want to wipe the handheld by clicking on the “Continue” button. The message is “Warning, all application data will be lost! Message service and other services will be disabled.”
6. The device will prompt you to type in the word “blackberry.” Type in “blackberry” and confirm.
7. The handheld will wipe itself of all information. In some cases after 10 minutes the hourglass will still run. After 10 minutes, pull your battery and restart your Blackberry.


For the HTC Magic G1, and the HTC Hero G2:
1. Turn the device off
2. Hold the “home” (house) and “back” (the arrow in the lower right corner)
3. Press the “end call button” while still holding the “home” and “back” buttons
4. Release the “home” and “back” button. A white screen containing technical information will appear with a red message asking to press the “menu” button.
5. Hit the “menu button.” The HTC Magic G1 will now boot with factory settings.

For the HTC Touch and the Touch Diamond
1. Press and hold the Talk and End buttons simultaneously
2. Use the stylus to press and release the Reset button on the bottom of the phone to the right of the charging port, but continue to hold the Talk and End buttons
3. Release Talk and End buttons when the menu appears and press enter to perform the hard reset


For the Motorola Black Jack there are two ways to perform a hard reset:
1. The phone should be powered off first. With the phone off; press the Up Navigation button and the Power button at the same time. You will then be asked to format the Phone. Press 1 for YES!
2. You can also go to the Start menu and navigate to Settings/Security/Reset. Then, enter “0000″ for the password. The phone will format and reload the OS.

For the Black Jack II, there are also two ways to perform a hard reset:
1. Go to Start \ Settings \ Security \ Reset and then follow the prompt to wipe the device and/or the storage card.
2. With the phone powered off, press and hold UP on the directional pad. Then, turn on the device and continue to hold the UP key until you see a message on the screen. You will be prompted to select 1 for reset or any other key to cancel.

For the Motorola Q:
1. Turn the Moto Q off
2. Hold down the power button (hang up button) and the center key button (the button between the arrows) at the same time.
3. When the verizon logo appears on the device. Let go of both buttons.
4. A screen will come up saying to do a Master Reset. You will hit the left soft key to say yes to confirm.

For the Motorola V3 Razr:
1. Open your phone up and go to “Settings”
2. Next go to the selection for “Initial Setup”
3. Next go to the selection for “Master Clear”
4. Then select to confirm the option.
5. Now enter the security code which should be “000000”
6. Finally press select or ok and the phone will reset itself to the factory condition


For the Treo 650:
1. Turn phone off
2. Remove battery cover
3. Press and hold the Power key on the keypad
4. While holding the Power key, insert the stylus in the reset hole on the back of the device. Press and hold stylus for about one second
5. Two logos will appear during the reset
6. Release the Power key when the “Palm Powered” logo (second logo) appears
7. A warning message will appear: “Erase all data?
8. Press Up arrow key to complete the hard reset. Press any other key to cancel the reset.

For the Treo 680:
1. Remove the battery from your
smartphone, and then reinsert it.
2. When the Palm logo appears, press and
hold Power/End until the black
status bar at the bottom of the screen
fills and disappears, and then release
Power/End .
3. When the Erase all data? prompt
appears, press Up to confirm the
hard reset.

For the Treo 700wx:
1. Take off the battery door, but don’t take out the battery yet.
2. Press and hold Power/End .
3. While holding Power/End, remove the battery for approximately one second, then replace it while still holding Power/End.
4. When you see “Erase all data?” you can release Power/End. Press Up to confirm the hard reset.
5. If a language selection screen appears, pick the same language you use in your desktop software.

For the Pre:
1. Go to Device Info
2. Choose the hard reset option


For the Sidekick II:
1. Swivel the screen 1/4 of the way
2. Insert a paperclip into the tiny hole to the upper left underneath the screen
3. Hit the power button while paperclip is inserted.

For the Sidekick Slide:
1. Make sure battery is minimum 25% charged
2. Switch phone off
3. Take out battery and re-insert it
4. Hold the letter R and power on button
5. Phone will start and loading picture will appear on screen
6. Phone will restart again
7. Now let go of the R and power button

For the Sidekick LX:
1. Press the Menu button.
2. Scroll to and select Settings
3. Scroll to and select System Info
4. Press the Menu, Shift and X keys simultaneiously.
5. Select Erase to erase the flash settings.
6. At the System Info screen, press the Menu, Shift and R keys simultaneously.
7. Select Erase to erase the Sign-In information.
8. Insert a paper clip in the reset hole while holding down the Power button.
Note: The device vibrates if all steps are performed correctly.

For the Google G1 HTC Dream:
1. Power off the Google G1
2. Hold Home Key + End key for about 20 seconds or until you see a “triangle with an exclamation point and a picture of the Google G1″
3. Open the QWERTY keyboard and hit Alt+W

Please feel free to post hard reset instructions for any other models in the comments!

If Fresh Prince Had A Cell PhoneThe idea for this article came when I was watching an old episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air the other day. Will was in a bar and delivered one of the funniest pick up lines I’ve heard in awhile. He walked up behind some very attractive woman, put his phone down in front of her, and said, “Why don’t you put your number in that before I don’t want it anymore more.” Obviously, no one makes things sound cool like the Fresh Prince, but you’d have to be a total troll to not to at least get a smile with that one.  (Note – Will didn’t really have a cell phone when he did it, but that’s how the cell phone version would have gone down.)

Will Smith makes it look easy on TV, but a friend of mine actually pulled this next one off in real life. Tom, we’ll call him, swung by the local Wal-Mart on his way to the bar, and picked up the cheapest pre-paid phone he could find. When he met us at the bar, he loaded the phone up with a 20 minute card and then called his own phone, declined the call, and then saved the number as “The Chosen One.” As the night went on, we had forgotten about the whole plan in the making until Tom said, “There she is. The hottest girl of the night.” Before we could ask what was going on, he was on his way over to her table. When he got there, he smiled at her, took the cell phone out of his pocket, put it on the table in front of her, and said, “I’ll call you later,” then walked away. We were all impressed that he had the balls to attempt such a pre-meditated hail Mary, but our awe turned to worship when we found out that they talked for an hour later that night and then met up for dinner the following.

These two are just straight up awesomely bad pick up lines that require a cell phone for the full affect. Number one: “Pardon me, but I lost my phone number. Can I borrow yours?” Number two: “There is something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn’t have your number in it.” If you decide to actually take these out into the field, you’d better consult Will Smith himself for some delivery tips.

If you are up for doing a little acting, this one should definitely work, especially if your potential pick up is on the shallower side. This pick up routine works best if you have a phone that gets a quick Internet connection. When you are at the bar, bring a buddy and work your way within earshot of your potential pick up. Once in place, visit from your phone, where you can program the website’s auto-dialer to call yourself. Schedule the website to call you every 45 seconds or so. The website allows five free scheduled calls, which should be more than enough to get the point across. Once your phone starts ringing, get ready to drop the following, “Ah man, I hooked up with this girl the other night, and she will not stop calling!” Follow it up on the next call with something along the lines of, “This must be like the 20th call today.” If you can get creative enough with your reactions, your desired pick up should be unable to resist commenting on the situation… and there is your window. Note – If you do not have internet on your phone, just have your buddy dial you repeatedly from his pocket.

This last one is of my own creation, but it involves a bit of risk and relies heavily on timing. You also need a wingman. If you see a woman you’d like to pick up, you need to make sure that you get a seat at the bar next to her. Before you do, however, re-program your buddy’s name in your phonebook to read: “You are really cute, please answer me.” After you’ve been sitting next to the woman long enough to have established yourself as a non-threat, wait for her to turn away and then place your phone as close to her drink as possible. Make a quick exit to a place where you can still see the girl. When you are sure that she has noticed that you’ve left your phone, call your phone from your buddy’s. Once she answers, you’re on your own.

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