For the longest time, people’s complaints about their cell phone provider sounded Top 5 Reasons To Get No Contract Cell Phonesunfailingly familiar to their frequent laments about the weather.  To whit:  There is always a lot of complaining, but nothing is ever done beyond the verbal grumbling one hears when the bill gets opened.  That said, those days are changing as people do more than just grumble.  Continue reading »

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Top 5 refurbished cell phones PhiladelphiaThe decision to go refurbished, when contemplating the purchase of unlocked cell phones, is growing in popularity nearly as fast as the cost of the latest top of the line cellphones.  Buying refurbished is potentially a good idea if you are in the market for a new, pre-loved, phone.  However, prior to making that purchasing determination , the consumer should be aware that not all unlocked cell phones are created equal. Continue reading »

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Our first contenders are the Blackberry 9530 Storm and the Blackberry 9550 Storm 2.  Upon first glance there are only slight differences, especially in their physical structure. For instance, the 9530 Storm 1 has physical buttons below it’s screen, while the 9550 storm 2 has those buttons melded into the touchscreen display, making them touch as oppose to separate buttons. The other buttons are all physical on both devices, but the Storm 2 has more of a streamlined look, while the storm 1 has buttons that pop out of the body more with a chrome finish.

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