Sep 15

Blue Dot's Top 5 Google AppsWhen it comes to technology, smart phones have completely revolutionized the way we use phones in our day to day life. While mobile phones were once used just for making calls on the go, they are now used to play games, read the news, and perform nearly any type of use that you could imagine. With smart phone technology has come over 1 million apps that are now available on the Google Play store. Here are 5 apps from the Google Play store that are absolute must-haves. Continue reading »

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Jul 11

Top 5 cell phone apps for android and iPhone

The month of June brought a wide variety of apps to both the Android and iPhone – so many apps, in fact, that it’s nearly impossible to choose which ones to download. To make it easy, here are the top 5 cell phone apps from June:  Continue reading »

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Mar 25

Today on my Motorola Droid Razr refurbished cell phone we’re going to check out AllTrails. One of my favorite apps, AllTrails helps people, who love the outdoors to find the best hiking locations all across the world. I have used it multiple times on many trips only to see it improve with every update and become more and more useful. Check out more details after the break!

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