Cell Phone Etiquette – A Guide

Turn of your cell phone

We all know at least a handful of people who think they are the only person using  their phone when the whole world stands around them. So many people do not show common courtesy and basic etiquette when using their cell phones. Wouldn’t it be great if more people showed a little respect when using their phones when other people are around them? Everyone and their mom has a cell phone anymore. The average age of a person receiving their first phone is only 8 years old. The problem is there is no class to teach people how to use their phones properly.

Here are some things to avoid while using your cell phone:

1. Overbearing ringtones - We all know at least one person who has a ringtone that makes your ears bleed. That sound that just makes you want to jump off a bridge. The ringtone that makes the most annoying sounds in the world almost enjoyable. Their should be a law around the use of annoying ringtones. Some are straight up offensive, others are straight up annoying. Why do people feel the need to play an entire song when someone calls them? Isn’t that what Mp3 players are for?

2. Answering your phone during in a movie – I am not sure if this happens anywhere except my local theatres, but it seems like almost every time I am in a theatre lately – there is “that guy” who answers their phone in the middle of a movie. I mean come on! Did you not notice the hundreds of other people around? If you are one of these people you should be banned from using your phone entirely!

3. Yelling at your phone – Maybe some people just do not realize that they are screaming into their phone while talking to the person on the other end. Microphones have improved greatly since the original Motorola DynaTac phone. Noise cancellation technology has really come a long way. If you are a screamer who is reading this – please consider the people around you when screaming at your device.The other person can hear when talking at a normal voice. Just because you can not hear them does not mean they can not hear you. Otherwise – call them back.

4. Paying more attention to your phone than your friends – Ok, so I am guilty as charged here but I am working hard on kicking my bad habit. This is one that a lot of us can relate to, especially if you are rocking a blackberry smartphone or other similar device. They do not call Blackberry’s, Crackberry’s for any ol’ reason. They somehow manage to come out of your pocket even when you try so hard to keep them put away. I have to say – there is nothing more annoying than when the person I am hanging out with is on their phone the entire time I am with them. I want to take their phone and throw it out a window. The first part of realizing you have a problem – is acknowledging your addiction. I have started my path to recovery – have you?

5. Driving while txting – It is said that at any given moment in time at least 3% of drivers on the road are txting while driving. Kind of scary when you think about it. This is another guilty as charged – rule I break more often than not. It is another – habit / addiction of my Blackberry that I am working at overcoming. There is nothing scarier than being in a car with someone txting with both hands and using their knee to steer their car. As more people move towards a smartphone I am sure the percentage of people txting while driving will only increase. Hopefully, at some point in the near future cars will drive on their own. Until then – please consider the other peoples lives you are putting in danger while txting behind the wheel.

I am sure we can all name many others things to avoid when using your cell phone, and I am sure I will have another guide to follow. Please consider these 5 things to avoid next time any of these 5 circumstances arise. We can all make the world a better place by spreading the word about cell phone etiquette and applying the rules mentioned above.

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