Charities Now Texting For Donations

Send-Us-MoneyI am all for respectable charities, and I feel that if you are in a position to share some of your money, time, or knowledge, you should donate to where you feel you can make the most difference. That being said, I do not want charities to start texting me asking for money. Unfortunately, this seems to be a fast approaching reality/annoyance.

During the first timeout in the first quarter of the LSU-Auburn game at Tiger Stadium, United Way sent out over 2,558 text messages asking fans to donate five dollars by texting “LSU” to a certain number. The mass text brought in approximately $8,550 dollars from fans willing to donate to the non-profit organization. Apparently, the five dollars will be billed to their next cell phone bill.

I’m not sure where this kind of campaign falls, legally, but I’m sure if this one was a success, we’ll be receiving these kinds of pleas in the near future.

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