Demo Windows Phone 7 on Your Own Phone

Well well, it seems you don’t have to wonder into your local wireless providers store to give Windows Phone 7 OS a try. If you have an Android or Apple iPhone handy you can give Windows phone OS a try by downloading an emulator that does a pretty good job at simulating the new operation system Windows has been touting the last few months. After giving it a try it is actually pretty smooth, though the text isn’t as pretty as the orginals. If the real OS is anything like the simulation it could actually be a contender to Google’s Android, Apple’s iPhone and RIM Blackberry smart phones.

According to Engadget “it’s a solid effort that’ll definitely serve you well if you’re considering the switch.” So pop on over to on your Android or iphone to give it a shot. Keep in mind, this is only a demo and we highly suggest not turning your phone sideways. If the OS peaks your interest you can then pop over to your local wireless providers store and try the real thing. Or, if you’re already sold, wait for the new Nokia Windows phones to surface.

If you’re still not in the market for a Windows phone you can purchase all other smart phones at or trade in your old and used phone at

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