Dictionary.com Delivers Great App

phonesDictionary.com, one of my favorite websites, now has an app for Blackberry cell phones. The Dictionary.com app also includes their sister site, Thesaurus.com, and the two sites combine to give you an app containing over 500,000 terms and definitions as well as more than 275,000 synonyms.Picture 2

The app also includes a word of the day in both English and Spanish, spelling suggestions, and phonetic and audio pronunciations. And the best part about the app is that IT’S FREE! The Dictionary.com app is really handy as you’ll be surprised at how often you use it (or should use it) throughout your daily routine. The word of the day feature makes it really easy to inflate your vocabulary. Now go forth, download, and teach thyself.

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    Thanks for sharing information. I definitely going to download some best app for my newly purchased bb phone.

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