Easier Than Ever to Sell Your Apple iPhone!

Sell your used cell phoneGetting ready to sell your used cell phone? Our slogan here at TheBlueDot is “forever evolving”, which is exactly what our website has been doing this past year. We have meetings almost weekly on how to improve the trade in page’s design as well as how to implement the same elements into the main website. There was one thing we noticed around the time of the iPhone 5′s release, an increase in Apple iPhone trade in requests. So, launching officially just a few days ago, we made it even easier for you to trade in your used iPhone cell phone!

If you go to TheBlueDot trade in page you’ll notice right in front of you can see the past four iterations to easily sell your Apple iPhone.  Not only are they an easy one click trade in request, they show the price you could get for your trade in before you even hover your mouse over the button. After clicking the icon you simply follow the directions on how to get your free shipping label! When we receive the phone we’ll inspect it to ensure it is in the condition you specified and mail you a check or pay you through paypal within five days of receiving the phone! It’s just as easy to sell any used cell phone by typing the model in the search bar, which may bring up the phone model before you even finish typing!

Why You Would Want to Sell Your Used Cell Phone

With the release of Windows 8 Tablets just around the corner, Galaxy S III’s successful launch, the iPhone 5, iPad mini and many more new devices coming out, trading in your used cell phone can be very tempting. We’re always updating the trade in page with newer model phones since we recognize that new tech comes out every few months. Upset you missed the news of a new smart phone coming out just after you got a new one the other day? No biggie! The sooner you trade it in for cash, the more you’ll get. Then you can take that money and put it towards buying an Apple iPhone 5, or a Samsung Galaxy S III.


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