Facebook to Focus on Mobile Apps this Year

refurbished cell phoneWell… it certainly took Mark Zuckerberg long enough to start working on their app program. There is one complaint I hear across all platforms, be it android, iOS or Blackberry; the facebook app is terrible. It loads incredibly slowly, the notifications are all wonky, and you may as well take a nap if you’re not connected to WiFi because it just won’t load anything.

So far Facebook has been making all their money via ad support. This has caused investors to be very frustrated with their slow developments in cell phones and tablets. In some cases, the Facebook app is missing entire functions. On the iPad, Timeline doesn’t even exist. Timeline, which I have reviewed in a past article, looks wonderful on a phone. The layout is beautiful, putting events into drawers is great, and I recently learned, because of my Birthday, that all birthday wishes get put into one nice box instead of flooding your entire front page. But it just never loads. unless you’re connected to WiFi, Facebook apps are almost completely useless. Since my phone is a 4G LTE, and it still takes ages to load, this is just unacceptable. If YouTube can load an HD quality video for me in seconds, why does it take almost half a minute, or more, to load text?

Ad support is also minimal on Facebook apps, which is great for us, but bad for the company since Facebook use on mobile devices is on the rise. The more time people spend on their mobile app the less face time ads get on the PC. The worst thing Facebook can do is work on ad support before working on the underlying problems of the app itself. If you think it loads slowly now, think how slow it’ll be with ads included. Load times are a pain whether you’re on a used cell phone with 3g or a brand new 4G LTE phones, it’s just horrid. I seemed to complain about that a lot already, but it is really that bad.

When should we expect these changes or upgrades to arrive? Mark gave no timeline (hah, see what I did there?) on when, or what, changes will happen. All we can do is hope he does it in the right order. Clean up and speed up the app. Give it the same functions as the PC version and THEN add ad support. But I have a feeling he will push in the ad support first, making the app completely unusable.

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