Five Text Messages You Should Send Every Day

checklistIt’s easy to let life become so busy that you forget what and who is most important to you. Fortunately, technology is available to make life easier, even when it comes to prioritizing and maintaining the relationships that matter most in your life. Here is a list of five text messages that, if sent out every day from your new or refurbished cell phone, will not only keep you on track but will help you and your loved ones succeed in all of your endeavors.

Number 1: “I love you” – This seems obvious, but I’d wager that most people don’t speak these words as often as they should (or want). Think about how nice it would be to receive a text that says, “Hey (your name), you know I love you, right?”

Number 2: “I miss you” – What’s almost as nice to hear as “I love you”? Simple, “I miss you.” One of the beautiful things about technology is that it makes it easier to express our emotions. Letting people know that you miss them is an easy way to brighten anyone’s day.

Number 3: “Thank you” – Thanking people is an easy way to show people that you appreciate them and your relationship with them. Even something as simple as, “Thanks again for dropping by last week,” will change a person’s impression of you a great deal for the better.

Number 4: “Hey, remember that idea you had about… that was really a great idea. I think you should pursue it further” – Reminding someone of an idea they had but let fade is a great way to keep your friends and loved ones encouraged. Encouragement leads to action, and action leads to success. You can be sure that the more your friends and loved ones succeed, the more they will help and encourage you with your own aspirations.

Number 5: “Hey (name), you know I’m always here for you if ever need to talk.” – With life comes obstacles and setbacks. More likely than not, someone you care about is going through something difficult. Letting them know that you are available to listen and talk can really make it easier for them to get through a rough time. This one requires that you will actually be available when they call.

Positivity attracts positivity. If you send these five texts out every day, your circle of friends and loved ones will be charged with positive energy on a daily basis, which will undoubtedly come back to you.

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