Ford Motors Says, "Text and Drive!"

Do not txt on your phone and drive! Ford Motors has become the first automotive manufacturer to support the anti-texting ban that has been introduced by U.S. Sen.  Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. Common sense would tell you that it’s not safe to text and drive, but Ford is saying, “Actually, it is – or it will  be.”

Ford is currently developing an improvement to their already popular Sync electronics package, which will convert voice into text  message. Ford reports that approximately 70 percent of the vehicles that they currently sell include the $395 Sync option. Based on  personal experience, Sync actually works very well. While driving your car, Sync enables you to deliver voice commands such as: “Call  (person’s name from your phonebook),” and your car will automatically dial the number and play the audio of the call through the  car’s speakers. With the text addition to Sync, the user will be able to narrate a text message to the system, and the system will convert  the narration into a text message and then send to whatever number or contact that the user wishes.

As the proposed ban on texting gains support, 25 percent of U.S. highway aid will be withheld from any state that does not comply if the ban is passes, it is nice to know that companies like Ford are working to incorporate systems like Sync in order to provide users the opportunity to use features, like texting, that have become a modern day necessity. The Sync system seems to be beneficial to non-texters as well as with Sync, more sets of eyes will be kept on the road where they belong.

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