Ford to Offer Wifi in 2010 Models

ford-logoRecent reports show that Ford will be offering a Wifi option in a select number of their 2010 models. These models will have Wifi built in and will have a USB port so that device’s can be plugged into the modem. This seems to be geared more towards using laptops in the car as opposed to your new or refurbished cell phone but if you’re disappointed with, say, your 3G coverage on your iPhone, having the option to plug into your car’s high speed Wifi will be pretty nice.

Ford hasn’t yet confirmed which models will offer Wifi, but they have assured consumers that the vehicle’s internal modem will automatically update itself to remain compatible with as many devices as possible as technology advances.

Although companies like Verizon are offering products like Mifi that give you hotspot access anywhere, Ford’s $29 per month service fee is definitely on the more affordable side of the spectrum.

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