Google Adds Click to Call in AdWords

click-to-call-nationalThis is great if you use Google Adwords. Google has now enabled Click to Call, which shows your business phone number below your ad as a live link that will immediately dial the number when clicked from a new or refurbished smart phone.

If you are using AdWords, you should definitely set up Click to Call as it’s a simple/quick set up. Just go to your account and set up “Phone Extensions,” add your business number, and people will be able to call you with one click from your ad.

For more information about Click to Call and installation, visit Google’s AdWords Blog.

  • Val

    Perfect feature for people on the go. Let me share something useful too.
    If your Adwords PPC campaigns aren’t working, I recommend getting an audit of your
    campaign. I know RDM does them free, just call 888-652-5623888-652-5623. This may not be a feature but it may be a big help for your PPC campaign

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