Google Earth Now Available for Android Devices

earthand2Google released the Google Earth App for your new or refurbished Android cell phone today. The app is claimed to be the fastest mobile version of Google Earth yet with “a smooth framerate and a beautiful 800 x 480 screen.” The people at Google are thrilled with the way the Nexus One is handling Google Earth.

With the release of the app for Android comes a nice little improvement to Google Earth, which is the Roads Layer. You can now have the names of roads layered over the satellite imagery view to get a better understanding of where are you are or are going.

Like always, Google has packaged the best of their technologies with their newest release. With this Android app, you can now use voice search to locate things in Google Earth. Just say things like “Empire State Building” or “Romantic getaway Santa Barbara” and watch the pin marks pop up.

I think the app is only available for the Nexus One right now, but Google says it will soon be available for all Android devices running 2.1 software.

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