Google Glass Confirmed to Have Slider Like Controls

Used Android PhonesWe still don’t know much about Google Glass, most is just guess work from their tech demo and what others have been whispering. So far we know these things from the beginning; it can attach to existing glasses or rim glasses, it has a color display, can take photos, make phone calls and has some GPS functionality (all of these functions may or may not be tethered to your existing Android smart phone). But one thing we didn’t know was how you would navigate the whole system. Some guess with eye tracking, but now we know that some of the navigation is controlled with a touch pad slider!

Sergey Brin was on The Gavin Newsom Show to show off Google Glass and it’s picture taking abilities. One question was asked on how he took the picture in the first place, but Sergey avoided answering it. The device is still in it’s prototype stage so what method he used will probably not be in the final product. What we did notice was how he swiped his finger along the right side (to the wearer) of the device to zoom in and out of the picture. When passing it to Gavin he mentioned not to touch the side. Obviously there are some basic scrolling controls, but whether it’s what the full navigation will be is still a mystery.

Another thing we spotted here at TheBlueDot was the flicker of lights in the display section of the device. We already knew that would be the screen but were unaware of what it would look like to outside observers. If this device is anything like what the final product will be, we may see little blue flickering lights on everyone’s face. How this will interact with the world during the night is still anyone’s guess. My theory is that it may put a faint light over your right eye, kind of making you stick out like a soar thumb on a dark street… Considering the recent uprising of smart phone thefts, it may be best to wear this only during the day.

It’s still unknown how this device will work and if it is simply something you attach via bluetooth with your existing Android Smart Phone. It may do both for all we know. They expect to launch this product early next year, so more details will likely arise by 4th quarter of this year.

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