Google Launches Near Me Now

mylopp_blogLast week, Google launched yet another feature that will not doubt make your life easier. “Near Me Now” is Google’s newest feature, for iPhones or new and refurbished cell phones running Android software, which allows you to very simply find information about a specific business in your immediate vicinity or about several businesses around you.

There is a video on Google’s blog that illustrates how Near Me Now is useful when you’re standing outside of a restaurant, wondering if it’s good. With Near Me Now, you just go to, click Near Me Now, then click restaurants, and a list of the restaurants closest you appears. Just click the name of the restaurant you’re standing in front of, and their information appears including contact info, menus, and user reviews – all without having to type or say anything.

Near Me Now also makes things like finding a coffee shop after getting off an unfamiliar train stop simple. Just click Near Me Now, then Coffee Shops, and you get results for all of the coffee shops near where you are. Gotta love Google. They make everything so simple.

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