Google Now Widget Launched

Google Now WidgetThe Google Now Widget, for those that don’t know, is Google’s response to Apple’s Siri, but a bit smarter. I don’t mean “smarter” as in Google did it well, I mean that it is Siri that actually learns from you. Essentially Google Now is linked into every single Google account you have. From Maps, to Google+ to your own Google search history (as long as you’re logged in while doing it), it compiles all of this information and anticipates what you want to do, what you will do and what you may need in the immediate future.

Google Now Widget Researches for You

For example, about a year ago I Google searched for pumpkin martini recipes, being a big fan of anything pumpkin. This past week I searched for pumpkin beer recipes, and Google Now anticipated me possibly wanting more recipes, so it researched more martini recipes (remembering my old search) and showed me a card on the Google now Widget with some samples. Another instance it was near dinner time while I was walking in the city, Google Now started showing me cards for places to eat with their menus and pricing ready for me to check out, without even having to look around myself. When I sat down in a restaurant it then showed me the highest rated item on the menu. Google Now is smart.

The possibilities are endless for Google Now. It links with your gmail to show you scan-able bar codes for tickets you bought earlier, to tracking information for packages you ordered. Now, it’s easier than ever to see Google

An example of Google Now Card updates

An example of Google Now Card updates

Now updates with their Widget launching the other day. Now the cards can appear on your home screen, without launching the app itself. If you have Jellybean 4.2 your lock screen has a Google now launch that will go right into the app for you, instead of unlocking and then launching it yourself.

Google Now Is Evolving

In just a few months Google Now will have an extension on Chrome, Google’s internet browser. Future updates, and 3rd party apps, will be able to sync in with Google Now, making the app smarter and better suited to it’s individual user. Of course, you’ll need a newer Android device with Jellybean 4.1 or higher. At the moment there are very few Android phones and tablets with 4.2, but 4.1 is a bit more widespread to a handful of devices. I wouldn’t go and sell your iPhone for a Google Now device yet, but by years end it may be very tempting to make the leap from iPhone to Android.

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