Google Officially Gobbles Up Motorola

Android Cell phonesIt’s been months since Google laid it’s loving eyes on Motorola and asked them to be theirs and now it’s finally official. As of today the two companies are one, Motorola being one of the first companies to release a Google Android smart phone, creatively named “Droid”, back in 2009. They had a special bond back then, especially since Motorola was, to some, on the brink of total collapse. the Android OS saved the spry cell phone company and now it’s part of one of the largest companies in the world.

As of now the purchase doesn’t mean much for changes with Motorola, they will chug along like they always do and act as if they are a seperate company. But since it’s purchase, Google now owns everything Motorola owned, specifically it’s delicious patents. Some rumors have been milling about involving massive layoffs to a complete infrastructure change within Motorola’s ranks, but it’s still far too early to tell. We may not even see the effects of this purchase for a couple more years.

What may we expect though? Most claim Google is only interested in their patents and may not push much more manufacturing, or even cut it a bit smaller than it is right now. Motorola, as a company, isn’t in the greatest spot in the world, but it certainly isn’t in the trouble it was back in 2009. After this buyout though their stocks soared some, which will hopefully give it a bit of a boost in better and stronger cell phone production. My friends all had the Motorola Droid and for the most part they worked wonderfully. They were affordable, fast for their time and had a full QWERTY keyboard. But, like all things, they quickly were outdone by the soon saturated Android market as more and more companies dove into the Google Android cell phone pool.

I’m hoping for big things to come from this purchase. I have always been a fan of Motorola, with my Droid X and my current cell phone, the Droid Razr. They have some work to do in order to catch up to the big boys like Nokia and Samsung, but no one said competition was ever a bad thing.

Source: Engadget

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