Google Rolling out Google Buzz

1444417344-GoogleBuzzLogo68I know, I know, another Google Article. But this is huge – well everything Google does is huge, but this couldn’t go un-posted. Basically, if you are not using Gmail by now, you need to get with the program. Google has released and is rolling out Google Buzz today, which is pretty much Google’s version of Twitter/Facebook. The best part of Google Buzz is that it’s already integrated with Gmail so you don’t need to sign up for anything, and it works with your new or refurbished cell phone.

Like with all of Google’s releases, the easiest way to get a feel for how it works is to watch the video on their site. Google Buzz allows you to post status updates (obviously), but it also does so much more and, apparently, with much greater ease than Twitter or Facebook. It seems that sharing and viewing photos is incredibly easy, and updates get sent to your inbox where you can quickly and easily reply.

If you go to the Google Buzz site, there is a button to “Try Buzz in Gmail.” I clicked it about five minutes ago and it’s still not in my Gmail, but according to Google, it may take a few minutes to register. If you get Buzz, please comment and let us know what you think of it. Happy Buzzing!

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