Hard Reset for HTC Evo 4g

This guide shows you how to hard reset your HTC Evo 4g  for sprint. Doing this hard reset will wipe your Evo 4g of any media or apps on your phone and will restore it to its factory settings.

  1. Turn the power off on your phone.  If your HTC EVO 4G is frozen, pull the battery out and reinsert it.
  2. Hold the Volume Down key.
  3. Press and release the Power button.
  4. A menu will now pop up giving you the options of Fastboot, Recovery, Clear Storage &, Simlock.
  5. Using the Volume Up and Volume Down keys scroll to down to Clear Storage.
  6. Press and release the Power button to confirm your selection.
  7. Another menu will appear asking you to confirm you want to Delete all user data. Press the Volume Up key for Yes and Volume Down key for No.
  8. Your phone will complete the process and restart being restored to its factory settings. 

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