Hard Reset for Samsung Exhibit

This guide shows you how to perform a hard reset for your T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit. By doing this hard reset, you will clear all data from your phone and return your Samsung Exhibit it to its factory settings.

  • Turn on the phone by holding both the Volume Up key and Volume Down key while pressing down the Power key.
  • A menu will appear giving you the options for reboot system now, apply update from sdcard, wipe data/fatory reset and, wipe cache partition.
  • Using the Volume Up and Volume Down keys, scroll to “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”.
  • Press the Power key to confirm your selection.
  • Using the Volume keys, scroll to “Yes – Delete all user data”
  • Press the Power key to make selection.
  • Once complete, use the Volume Up and Volume Down keys to scroll to “Reboot System Now”.
  • Press the Power key to confirm you want your Exhibit to reboot.
  • Your phone will restart and be returned to its factory settings.

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