Have a Happy and Safe Holiday!

It’s amazing how quickly the holidays sneak up on you! It feels like summer was just last week, yet here we are. We already have a few articles about safety with your cellphone and electronics, but since it has been a while and a lot of you will be taking a drive to see family, here are some tips on how to stay safe this holiday season.


Hands on the wheel and off the phone!

We have all seen the PSA’s about how texting while driving, or even making phone calls, can lead to sloppy driving and possible accidents. This is no joke though! There have been many studies showing that holding a phone to your ear or face is just too much of a distraction while driving. Hand free is fine since both of your arms are free and all you have to worry about is talking away. But holding the phone you have to worry about talking and keeping it up to your ear, which takes away from your motor skills… which are kind of important when you’re behind the wheel. If you get a text, wait until you get to a red light or make your next pit stop, it can wait.

Leave early or leave later

The holidays have landed on a weekend this year, which means around 5pm tonight the roads will be quite backed up. Not just normal rush hour backed up, but even worse! One thing I learned while driving for more than a decade is to either leave one hour before rush hour, or one hour after. leaving early means you’ll miss the rush and get their early. Leaving late will still make you late, but with the way traffic is, you may get there at the same time if you left at rush hour. It will just be far less stressful of a ride.

Easy on the Egg Nog

If you’re going to drink this holiday then don’t plan to drive until much later, especially after downing some egg nog. not much more I can say about that, just don’t drink and drive!

Keep that Tree Watered

A dry tree is a dangerous tree as just a little spark from lights can send it up in flames. It’s amazing people used to light them with candles! Be sure to check the trees water every day, once in the morning and once at night. There is special Christmas tree liquid you can get from most department stores that can keep your tree healthier and keep in moisture. Be sure to keep your tree far away from any open flames, like a fireplace or candles.

Keep an Eye on Your Food

When you’re having a holiday party it is easy to lose track of what you’re cooking. I know one year at my parents place someone left a glass baking dish on the top of the stove… while the top burners were on. twenty minutes later we heard a loud bang and entered the kitchen to find shards of glass everywhere. Thankfully no one was in the kitchen at the time, which is also why it happened to begin with. Be sure to have someone keeping an eye on the food at all times. Switch off with family members so you all can spend time with family during the party, or move the party into the kitchen. As long as the stove is safely clear and the timers are being watched, the food, and yourself, will be much safer.

All of us here at TheBlueDot want to wish you all a happy and safe holiday!

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