Hey! You Got Instagram in My Facebook!

you got Facebook in my InstagramIt’s old news that Instagram, one of the most popular 3rd party camera apps out there, is now owned by the social media giant Facebook. In fact, some people worried this would bring about the end of Instagram and usher in a slow lame app akin to how Facebook’s main app runs. But, and here’s where it gets a bit odd, Facebook had been working on their own camera app before buying Intsagram, and it just came out the other day. So what’s it like?

First, lets tackle the app itself. I am one of the few people a bit annoyed with Facebooks app-ness going on. They have an app for their main website, for chat, and now they have one for their pictures!? Wouldn’t it be much better to put these things together in some streamlined way, and perhaps make their main app actually work correctly? Ok, I went a bit off track there, back to the app. If you’re already familiar with Instagram, then the Facebook camera will be pretty easy to understand. It works in almost the same way, take a picture, pick a filter, post to your social circle. The difference being that Facebook only posts to… well, Facebook. While Instagram can post to multiple social media outlets, though at a lower quality.

But now that Facebook owns Instagram, what’s the point of releasing their own app, regardless if they began development before the purchase? I’m not entirely sure. When I saw Facebook buy Instagram I expected them to consolidate their own camera app and put features they were going to have into Instagram, or the other way around. But they did neither. Instead you have two rather identical apps competing against each other, even though they are the same company. The one thing the Facebook Camera app has over Instagram, in my opinion, is the option to zoom in and a slightly larger picture interface when viewing photos on your stream.

So is it worth the jump? If you already have Instagram, probably not. Instagram has all the same filters, and more, than Facebook and it allows you to share on more than just Facebook’s feed. Give both apps time to either merge or be cut from existence before you decide which one to stick with. It’s only a matter of time before Facebook decides which app to keep and which to cut, so just stick it out until you can tell which one. How will you tell? Well, whichever one gets more updates and features over the next few months will probably be Facebook’s main squeeze. Though if you have a Android Smart Phone, you may have to wait for the Facebook Camera app anyway, since it is only on iOS devices.

Source: Gizmodo

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