How To Reactivate Your Motorola Devour WiFi

wifi fixWe have been seeing some customers have issues with the WiFi on their Motorola Devour, far too many to be normal. So we did some research and found out that this isn’t an unknown issue. Thankfully we found a fix, though it takes quite a few steps and may seem intimidating at first. But trust me, once you do these steps your WiFi should work!

1. From the home screen open the dialer

2. Dial ##PROGRAM(##7764726) and press Call.

3. A Prompt should open up: “Enter SPC Password”. Type in six zeros (oooooo) and press “Verify”

4. Go into “01 User Activation”

5. Under “MIN” and “MDN” enter any 10-digit phone number (as long as they’re the same). Almost anything besides “0000005968″ will work, even “5555555555″. If you’re activated on another carrier, enter your current phone number. Don’t mess with the IMSI_11_12 option!

6. Press “Done”

7. It should put you back to the main PROGRAM menu. Press back to get back to your home screen.

8. When you get back to your home screen a message should pop up saying “Phone will restart now” so let it do it’s thing. If not, then try rebooting it manually.


When the phone starts back up you should be able to turn on the wifi. If not then the phone’s wifi may actually be physically defective.

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